Casa Fernández

Casa Fernández was opened as bar-restaurant in May 1989, at Santaló Street, Barcelona. Javier de las Muelas pays tribute to his mother, Mrs. Fernández, using her name for the restaurant. The real name of establishment is Royal Beer Company Casa Fernandez.

In those days tapas were mainly served in the city’s maritime area. Yet with Barcelona uptown’s Casa Fernández this traditional gastronomic offer started to acquire a more cosmopolitan and eclectic character because of its fusion with the gastronomy of other cultures.

Twenty years later, renovated though remaining faithful to its philosophy, Casa Fernández offers a new concept of tapas based on products of maximum quality and served in a distinguished and joyful atmosphere. The menu is enriched with new dishes such as suckling piglet, oxtail stew and prawn omelette. In its renovated interior design, paintings of well-known painters gain special prominence together with the establishment’s wealth of colors.